Healing in a Kayak
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Healing in a Kayak

If you’ve landed here it’s likely because you already know me or know someone who knows me. That’s okay. You’ve got to start with one follower before you can get to a million. Spoiler alert – that’s my goal. Unfortunately I’m too computer illiterate to have any idea how to know if I ever get there.

A few years back I decided to start sharing the details of my personal journey. At first my writing was more of a catharsis, but at some point I realized that what I had to say resonated with many other people. My struggles are not so unusual, but my willingness to be open about it apparently is.

I hope that by sharing my stories I can help someone out there feel less alone. If while reading my words just one of you feels seen, feels validated, whispers “Me too”, or raises a fist and says “Hell yes!” then it will all have been worth it.

Recent Posts

Dare to Dream

My daughter dreams big. She dreams not only of getting tickets to a Taylor Swift concert, but actually meeting the superstar and hanging out making cookies with her. She dreams of travelling abroad

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Word of 2024

My word for 2023 was honour. If you would like to read my blog about it click here: https://www.healinginakayak.com/uncategorized/word-of-2023/ How did this turn out for me? I would say fantastically well! Looking back

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